EQ is your ceiling in life

I grew up with an entrepreneur dad. The biggest advantage I’ve had is developing a standard of how to treat people.

I observed the same emphasis on social graces in my peers who are also from “business” families.

One of the biggest misconception is that empathy, compassion, being considerate about other people’s feelings and being a good listener are feminine traits.

The opposite of masculinity is not femininity, it is being an immature boy.

Furthermore, eastern philosophy like Buddhism and Taoism, individuals strive to cultivate both “yin” and “yang” qualities within themselves.

Being kind is fundamental to what it means to be human. It is also essential for success. The person who benefits the most is yourself.

Successful people generally have a standard of how to treat others.

🍀 1. They recognise reputation is a currency. Opportunities come from people and can be found in the most unlikely places. How to behave appropriately is key to fitting in and maintaining a positive reputation. In doing business, trust comes first and reputation is developed from how you treat everyone, not just your customers.

🍀 2. They know that life has its ups and down, people who are more junior now can rise up the ranks and help them in the future. Plus, you never know who someone is. There is a famous Thai proverb: When the tide is high, the fish eat the ants. When the tide is low, the ants eat the fish. Be nice to people on the way up because you'll meet them on the way down

🍀 3. They recognise how you engage with people is a reflection of your worth as a person. It is an embodiment of the teachings you had at home and your self-respect. Social graces can be seen as a sign of professionalism, trustworthiness, and sophistication.

What are some practical ways you can do this?

Here are my personal rules:

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