How to not waste your youth

Many young professionals who start out equally competent end up on very different trajectories by the time they are 35 years old.

As early as 30, you can see big differences between those who made the right choices, had the right mindset, and those who did not.

These gaps only widen over time.

There are three important steps to take to ensure you do not waste your youth.

I am writing this article for a tech worker pov but hopefully the points resonate with others too.

1. Join high growth companies

Youth is a valuable asset. Do not squander it working in a retirement village. Do not waste it working for weak managers who provide a lot of pain with little learnings.

One of the best ways to optimize your youth is to join high growth companies.

🚀 1. Leadership Excellence

At high-growth companies, you'll work with driven and competent leaders.

High growth companies attract several A-players as leaders. Working under these individuals can provide with invaluable mentorship.

If a senior person is not driven, they will not join a high growth company. Or, be able to get in easily.

This is because such environments value performance, move at a much faster pace and there is little space to hide.

The types who cannot wait to collect their CPF soon, or cruise and collect RSU will not be able to survive.

🚀 2. Top-Performing Teams

Steve Jobs has a saying that A players hire A players. But B players hire C players, and C players hire D players.

Competent leaders attract A-players. This means you'll be surrounded by ambitious, high-performing peers.

There is little 'tall poppy syndrome' and instead an environment where everyone is eager to learn and grow.

Driven and competent people focus on results and craftmanship. Conversations are a lot more intellectual and enriching.

You get to network with the leaders of tomorrow, creating a massive return on investment for your time.

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